Where’s the End of NTRCA’s Comedy?
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January 14, 2020, 10:34 pm

NTRCA is one of the largest recruitment agencies in Bangladesh.

Most of the recruitment of teachers as well as private schools, colleges, madrasas, teachers completed the recruitment process.

At one time, there was a lot of hatred towards this profession of talent. Because of the envy of the recruitment committee and the inhumane attitude towards the teachers. In the meantime, when the NTRCA teachers took up the recruitment process and asked to recruit manpower on the basis of merit, the general public, including the general public, we’re very happy that the real meritorious would come to education and the teachers would be human. The craftsman will take the actual form of this proverb.

But what did we see next?

I just saw NTRCA’s casinos in the business.

In the past few days, the results of the written registration of the 7th registration gave the results. In the exam, 5,8 candidates passed. Of those who passed, there were 6,900 at the school level, 1 in the school-level 2 and 1 at the college level. 1 lakh 23 thousand 7 to 8th teacher participated in the written test of the registration. In the written test, 5.7 percent of candidates passed. There, only 5.12% of the candidates are qualified for the lecturer position. The rest of the students are qualified.

In an interview with Channel I, honorable chairman of the NTRCA, he asked, “I do not understand how a student says how much he will get.


I would like to say to the Chairman, the student who got the Golden Applause in SSC, HSC, Honors Masters from the institution like Dhaka University, the best scholars in Bangladesh, passed in the 8th grade in the 8th grade. Can’t she say how many numbers she’ll get?

“We qualified the one we got,” he said. On the basis of such an answer, if the students talk about the evaluation of the booklet for the second time, you said that there is no opportunity to evaluate the booklet for the second time.

In such a place, the students are confused

Whether the account has been evaluated exactly? Because a few days ago we saw a Lecturer in Government College lecturer evaluating his eighth-grade teaching style. This is what is happening in the country.

It is not possible for poor parents to see unemployment for so many years, and on the other hand, the child is returning. On the other hand, we have seen many talented students of many universities take the path of suicide. There are many reasons for that. One of the reasons is that poor parents are educating the boy with great hope. The close relatives of the uneducated simple parents in the village want the son, he will do a very good job. The relatives of the area will brighten their faces, a smile on their faces. After a few days, he looks like his age is over. At that moment, many people are confused and take a terrible path like suicide.

Hon’ble Chairman, Mr. Ashfaq Sir you said that you qualify candidates for vacant posts based on Upazilas. If you qualify as vacancies, why not mention the vacant posts in the circular?

If there is a vacancy mentioned in the circular, will casino business be reduced?

Well, the student who passed the merit list in the exam like BCS, the boy is not qualified in your registration test.

And this is where the nation must ask, what kind of manpower are you looking for?

Lastly, I urge you, in the next circular, you mention the vacancy. Do you know if this entry will reach you?

Still, I will convey to you the message to other recruitment committees that all recruitment processes should be transparent, please.


Author: Mohammad Aulad Hossain: BSS Honors, MSS (Political Science) MA (English), MA Kamil (Fiqh),

Assistant Teacher: Chakina Adarsh ​​Academy Secondary School.

Daulatkhan, Bhola.

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