Together with Emon-Rehnuma
February 14, 2020, 8:22 pm

This time, Rehnuma Mostafa teamed up with illustrator Eamon. He has been reading news on a private television for almost eight years. In addition to this, Rehnuma plays the tenor drama of Sohail Arman’s prince, Chionika Chowdhury’s ‘Sansar’ and Mursalin Shubh. For the first time, Eman-Rehnuma participated in a costly advertisement. About the work, Rehnuma said, Madhumati Bank is the creator of digital banking apps advertisement email Haque. This is my first time working with Eman. The work has been great. I am very optimistic about this advertisement, made under the banner of Dhansiri Communication Limited and the construction of Film Surgery Production House.
The painter Eamon said there was a good thing. Hopefully, the work of the two of us will be enjoyed by everyone. Rehunuma is working as an Assistant Director of Public Relations at North-South University outside Shobij. On the other hand, screenwriter Eamon is now busy shooting for the Akbar cinema on the busy beach. Bobby is acting as his heroine in this movie.

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