There is not much to think about
February 15, 2020, 4:08 pm

Nadia Ahmed is currently performing in a dozen serial plays. Written by NI Bulbul talking to the actress in a variety of acting-careers and contemporary contexts

How did love day
I took two days to leave for love day. I have come to Srimangal with all the family including Naim. One such day I shared the joy with everyone in the family. Tomorrow I will return to Dhaka.
I want to know about you and Naeem’s love for this time.
Faith, confidence, dependency are the elements of love. Without faith and confidence, love gradually loses color. The love of the two of us is unbreakable.
All at the blessing of the family. Sharing everything to each other. This is how I want to be in love with the coming days.
Talk about your current busyness.
List Karim’s mind-door, Kaiser Ahmed’s Bakulpur, Saidur Rahman Russell’s shadowless Mayaheen, tribal Mizan’s older brother, Imran Hawlader’s lag Welki lag, a town in SM Shahin’s, DK Akash’s cat house, Jabir Rasel’s satire, Bharluhar, snow. On the upside down, I am regularly working on a series of titles titled Anjan Aich, half-truth and Jewel Sharif’s big house. As well as a solo play is being done.

In terms of genre, the number of plays you play is high. Is it possible to maintain the quality of work?
We do not have too much of a single drama for a TV channel out of special days here. As a result, there is no alternative to the series. Besides, I am a professional actress. So I have to perform all year long. However, the series is a little higher but I do not compromise on quality. People who watch my plays may say that every play has a variation.

Many actresses are not interested in a series of drama at this time. What do you think is the reason?
I do not know why anyone does not act in the drama. But one thing is to keep yourself fit all the time for a clear, consistent drama. A sequel will not take an artist in two ways. The shooting ended in two days. There is not much to think about. Looking at the channels of the country next to us shows how much emphasis they put on cereals. I also think we need to be more careful with the drama of the genre.

What is the secret of long-term survival?
An artist has to retain acceptance to the viewer through his good work. I have been working in different roles since the beginning of my career. I have never played the same character twice.

Outside of TV drama, you are quite popular with the audience. What is your comment on dance?
The number of dance artists is increasing in our country. But TV channels are not properly evaluating dance artists. Often, channel producers have no budget for dance shows. But most of the entertainment on television begins with dance. Again the dance ends.

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