Symptoms of kidney stones, what to do?
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January 15, 2020, 10:36 pm

Keeping the kidneys healthy is important for maintaining overall body health. If the kidneys are unhealthy, a variety of symptoms will appear in the body.

The kidneys contribute to the blood circulation in the body. And if the kidney damage is done, the lightning discharge of the body will not be normal. In that case, other organs of the body will also become ill.

Kidney stones are the most commonly encountered problem. The number of stone attacks on kidney stones is increasing day by day.

Let’s find out what those millions of kidney stones are rocking.


1. If the pigment is red.

2.If I have nausea or vomiting all the time.

3. If there is severe pain in the back of the waist. Although this pain is not chronic. However, as the pain increases, it can also spread from the position of the kidney to the abdomen.

The exact cause of stone deposits or kidney stones has not yet been identified. However, some of the factors are believed to be the cause of stones in the kidney.

The reasons are:

1. Lack of adequate water in the body means that the water plays less.

2. Frequent kidney infections If the infection does not provide proper treatment.

3.  Excessive amounts of affection. For example, cheese, milk or dairy products. If there is an excess of calcium in the body.

Your kidneys are healthy, which-

1. If you want to avoid the risk of stone accumulation in the kidney, you must eat enough water. However, excessive water intake also damages the kidneys, experts say.

2. The absence of prolonged urination is absolutely inappropriate. It is best to respond to the call of nature at velocity.

3. But going to the toilet for frequent urination is also a major problem. If such a practice is to be consulted immediately, the doctor should check and check whether the kidney infection has occurred.

4. Eat plenty of vitamin ‘C’ foods. Amlaki, lemon juice can be avoided kidney problems if you put it on the diet list daily.

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