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January 15, 2020, 10:41 pm

After heavy eating, sore throat, sore throat, tasteless mouth – these are signs of gastric. This problem is now in every house. Everyone from small to big is gastric or acidic. To get rid of this problem, everyone raises their hands toward medicine. It does provide some comfort, but this practice is actually harmful.

According to physicians, taking acid-lowering drugs frequently without the doctor’s advice to physiological needs can cause harm. As a result of the lack of acids in the diet of heavy foods, protein digestion has disrupted The process of getting food down can be sluggish, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, etc.

So in words, not gastric drugs, rather than the rules, to deal with irregularities. Most umbilical cord patients but can be good by following the rules. If you live properly, the gastric can not penetrate near the edges. Now learn how to remove gastric without drugs…

* Fatty foods, sweeteners, milk, coffee, dried peppers, peppers, tacos, can be acidic for very cold or hot foods. What kind
As it happens in food, notice it. Eliminate all of them from the regular diet.

* Prevent weight loss before stopping the gastric Exercise regularly and go to bed, except for a couple of hours to eat

* Not only does acne / gastric increase from stress, many more complex diseases, including heart disease, can occur. So keep the stress under control. Consult a doctor if needed.

* Never drink tea on an empty stomach. Drinking lemon tea and green tea can also increase the difficulty

* Spend 3 to 5 hours between two main meals Keep in mind while eating and sleeping

* Gastric problems in cigarettes and alcohol increase So it is better to quit both drinking and smoking.

* Gastric problems also increase with pain medication. Treat the cause of the pain without taking pain medication in words.

* Have a light dinner at the party or invitation at night. Eat a little before you go. It will be less hungry, not afraid to eat too much.

* Do not sleep immediately after returning home Go to bed at least an hour and a half or two hours apart.

* If you suddenly have gas problems, keep drinking cold water. If you do not have difficulty in two hours, eat 3-4 spoon antacids. After two or three hours you can eat again.

* Eat a light meal two days a day, even after the pain subsides.

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