Malaysia has seized Tk 7,000 crore of 6 lakh migrants!
February 15, 2020, 8:16 pm

Fraud is taking place all over the world in the name of immigration. Immigrants from different countries, including Bangladesh, have also been victimized in Malaysia. More than 6 million migrants have been victimized by fraud and harassment in the country. And about 7,000 crore taka has been taken from these migrants.
The Malaysian Anti-Trafficking Council has launched a movement to recover money taken from these migrants.
Malaysia’s media reported on Friday (February 14th) that 2 billion rings (Tk. 4 billion in Bangladeshi currency) were seized by illegal migrant workers in the name of the government’s re-hearing program. And this fraudulent act was done by three vendor companies. They could not validate illegal immigrants even after taking so much money.
The Malaysian Anti-Trafficking Council has filed a complaint with the police against the three companies.
Meanwhile, a report released by Free-Malaysia Today said that the amount of money withdrawn from unauthorized immigrants is about Tk 7,000 crore in Bangladeshi currency.
The Malaysian government took over a project called Rehearing Program in 2016. The project ends in 2018. Several private companies run the project through three vendor companies. They collect 6,000 rings (about 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi currency) from every immigrant.
Although the project has been funded by 7 lakh 44 thousand migrants, the work permit has been given only 1 lakh 10 thousand immigrants. The data comes from a non-governmental organization working on migrants in Malaysia.
The report added that work permits were not given to the remaining 6 lakh 34,000 migrants. Later, these illegal immigrants were sent to their own country without a refund.
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Joseph Paul Malimoff, director of the private company, said the immigrants were not allowed to get legal recognition even with money but had lost their passports. Both the money and the passport have been taken away by the vendor companies. However, the government does not want to take any responsibility for the matter. Again, vendors are also imposing responsibility on the government.

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