Illegal foreigners are smuggling Rs 26400 crore a year: TIB
February 5, 2020, 4:19 pm

According to Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), illegal foreign workers in Bangladesh are smuggling around Tk 26,400 crore every year. The company believes this is happening as a result of the illegal recruitment of foreign workers. Besides being smuggled into billions, the state is losing a huge amount of taxes because foreigners work in the country illegally.
Executive Director of the company said this at a TIB press conference on Wednesday (February 5) at Midas Center. Iftekharuzzaman. Employment conference of foreigners in Bangladesh: A press conference was organized to present a research report on the challenges of governance and the way to overcome it.
Manjur-e Khoda has researched and produced the report.
Dr. Iftekharuzzaman said about half a million foreign workers work in Bangladesh illegally and illegally. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, there is 90,000 legal staff. Their minimum average monthly salary is the US $ 1,500. As such, the annual income of foreign workers is the US $ 4.5 billion.
He added that about $ 3.5 billion goes abroad, excluding 30 percent of local spending. According to data from Bangladesh Bank, only $ 46 million goes abroad legally. The rest of the money is illegally trafficked abroad. In the amount of money, which is about Rs 26,400 crore. Through which the annual revenue loss of the government is 12 thousand crores.
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Expressing concern over TIB’s overall issues, the company’s executive director said that 50 percent of those who come to work in Bangladesh comes with travel visas. Work here and go back home. Later he came back with a travel visa. The number of Indians working in Bangladesh is high. About 30 to 35 thousand Indians are working in Bangladesh. Even foreigners working on government projects are coming to Bangladesh on a travel visa.

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