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January 17, 2020, 12:45 am

‘Every night there is torture on the body. Protests only hit. I used to be unconscious at one point. But they did not stop. That would have jumped over the body. When I returned the knowledge, I could understand that. ‘

A woman who returned home from Saudi Arabia on August 26 described such torture. On that day another 111 women returned with him. The Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Foreign Employment prepared a report on their interview.
Later that report was presented to the Parliamentary Committee. According to the report, 38 of the 111 women returning home were forced to return home due to sexual abuse. In addition, 48 were not paid regular salaries, 23 for not eating enough food, four were not paid leave, seven were allowed to work at home other than the owner, 10 due to illness, one for family reasons, eight for non-visa tenure, two-year contract. In the end, 16 returned and two returned for other reasons.

The words of these women who have been sexually assaulted have come to light. They say they have to get sick after only a few months of going to Saudi as a healthy person.

‘Why did I have to be brutally tortured while working?’ Asked the woman.

The woman said at the outset, the recruiting agency sent me 40,000 rupees to Saudi Arabia. The first one year I worked in a house for a month and a half. They used to work at relatives’ homes without their own homes. But three times he would not eat properly. I didn’t get paid even after doing so much work. In the country, the brokers told me they would pay 20,000 rupees.

He said, ‘I didn’t have a mobile. Just saying, I sent the salary. Then I got a paper signature from me. But in the end, when I protested, I did not want to go to work in another house because of my illness. Suddenly one day I was forced to go to another house. ‘

‘At the new house, I was in another danger. There I was physically abused. The new owner said the Bangladeshi sold me to him for around four lakhs.

‘The owner says, I bought you. I will do whatever I want with you. Thus, I was sexually abused every night. But one day I escaped and was arrested by the Saudi police. Saudi police sent me to jail because I didn’t have any papers. ‘

Meanwhile, my mother turned to the broker without finding me. He requested the broker to bring me back. But they fear the opposite mother. Later, after paying the broker 60,000 rupees, they agreed to bring me back to the country.

However, they did not return to me. After about a month and a half of jail time, they sent me to the Bangladesh Embassy in Saudi. The embassy sends me home with many more women.

He said, “I am sick of the torture of the Saudi owner.” I am getting treatment after returning home.

The woman’s mother, Sahida Begum, said, “The daughter of an eight-year-old girl goes to Saudi Arabia to earn money, thinking about the future. Even though she has a husband, the wife does not look for her. The money was not earned, but the opposite girl returned sick. ‘
Executive Director of Bangladesh Women Workers Center Sumaiya Islam said, “We have to send women abroad to ensure the safety of our women.” Besides, you need to be a skilled worker in language and work before sending abroad.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Overseas Welfare and Foreign Employment. Ahmed Muniruch Salehin told Jago News, “The government is aware of the return of women workers from Saudi Arabia after being subjected to various tortures. The last visit of the expatriate welfare minister was also discussed with the country’s authorities.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was saddened by the memory of Sheikh Rasel, the youngest son of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the nation's father.

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