Humayun Ahmed’s novel ‘Achinpur’
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January 16, 2020, 11:11 pm

What happens after you die?
At the age of eighty-nine, he wanted to know the answer. He wasn’t of the age to worry about any esoteric theories, but I was really thinking about the mystery of death at that time.

In the evening I went to the pond with Nebula. Darkness is blowing around. All of a sudden, I want to know, what happens after I die? I whispered,
Nobama, Nobama!

Nwumama had gone to the pond in the middle of the swim. He couldn’t hear me. I called again,
Nobama, it’s getting night.
A little more

I’m afraid.
I was really scared to sit alone. Nabumama came up and said, what happens after death? Nabumama got angry and said, What do you say in the evening? Nobuyama was very scared, and he was afraid of hearing me. That evening the two of us went back quietly. As Raisuddin was passing by the uncle’s grave, I saw two incense burned there. Two leaky wash flames are flying from there. Fearing Nobuma shook my hand.

I remember very little of this childhood phenomenon. I have thought a lot about this at an early age. A little boy is suffering alone, thinking of death. I hate to think that.

Really, why does anyone who has no mental preparation to think of anything else, see the flame of incense in the grave? Why would he go alone to Sonakhali? Would you like to cry at one time while he sat on the banquet pool of the gold canal?
In fact, I’ve become a human. In the weird environment. The enormous mysterious closet of a house is huge. Bamboo blanketing the backyard. Day-means fox calling around. During the evening hob-hob, there is a ghost fire burning in Balaban. Cannabis is beginning to read the Koran in a strange tone, spreading its legs on the porch of the barn. Everything is absolutely scary.
When the Qur’an was recited in the darkness, it would scare inside the chest as soon as the Quran was heard. Naija used to say, no one can go near Kana now. Not only to Kanabibi, Mohr’s mother used to come and wash her feet, saying that no one should go to Pulapan Kuwait. No one would go to Kuala Lumpur in the evening. There was something very scary. No going there in the evening.
Scary weather all around. If the mood of Nanijan was good, he would trap the story. He is also a ghost story: his uncle is returning to buy a fish from a hat. It was dark all around. Listening month, it’s raining. Tiptop On the way home from the district board road, who shouted at Nakisur from behind the Omni, gnawed at the hammer.
Mohar’s mother, who brought her children to sleep at night, woke them up. On the long legs, there were rows of dishes. I am eating rice in my sleep, while the noise may be in the back of the house. Mohr’s mother shouted,
Isn’t it boring? Petunia or Ray?
Maruyama almost pressed his cheek on my cheek and said, I’m scared, and Mohr’s mother, I’m scared.
The old house of Nanajan, which was all blood-stained. How cannabis looks at us with just one sharp eye – not at all. Nabumama Dalat, When the old lady looks at me, I give her eyes with scissors. Kanabibi laughed without saying anything. Sometimes said, why scare Pulapan? I’m Kita Petani? Even without a wife, she was much more timid to us; Not just us, the elders and he used to admire her! Abba did not agree – or why? The story of the great Nanijaneba heard from his own mouth.

His father’s daughter was Kanabibi. You brought along your wedding time. In the Phi-Formus bed. Laughing and playing. One afternoon she died of stomach ache. Nothing happens, now-and-then-it goes. Many people have sent. To bring the Ashu Kabhi Baja. Ashu Kabiraj has come and seen it all.
Cold body like ice; The man went to cut bamboo to carry it to the bed. Naija sat down near the head of the dead and read the Koran. A weird thing happened right away – my Nanjian got fit with fear. Many shouted in panic, “Oh Lord, Lord!” Because at that time Kanabibi would like to get up and drink water. Since then, his behavior has changed. Fasting day and night. From the time we learned to understand certain things, we see that he is giving amulets to the girls in the neighborhood; From evening to evening, the Koran is recited in a strange tone by burning the copies on the porch of the barn. Why not fear him?

It’s a night thing. Is there daylight and a Passover? If I have ever forgotten to go to the eastern house while playing Golla Holiday, Omni Rahmat Mia has come to roar like a tiger, Khaya Felum. 3 burns, raw food; Koch Koch Koch. The terrible young man is tied to a male chain, which is terrible. The rabid madman was in the middle of the boat, Rahmat Mia. He loved mercy and tried to heal. To no avail
All of this was made in my childhood. Dark mysteries surround me. I can see clearly, a young boy scared to go to sleep in the arms of his nearest partner, Nebula. Nobama says you come in with two closed windows inside, I’m standing outside. I say I’m afraid, you come. Mama breaks her face and says, it was scared! Hurricane Aloe is coming from the hurricane on the table. I and Nebula are bent over with a puppy. Nabumama sleeps or not; I was crying in fear alone. At that time there was a shout from the inside of the house. I heard someone knocking on the cliff feet; Mohr’s mother wept bitterly, I heard that cry for a long time and fell asleep for a time. I couldn’t even tell my mother died that night.
That night my sleep broke during Fajr prayers. Wake up, King Mama is sitting quietly in the chair. He told me, and sleep, Karbi, go to increase income. We went up to the canal of gold; There I sat at the pool and watched the sunrise. It was a severe winter. Plants covered with fog. The dew-wet leaves are shining through the sunlight. How strange everything looks. Mama said sarcastically, Ranju, today you are very sad. Do you know what to do on a sad day?

You have to laugh With a smile, Ala says, there is no benefit to her sadly. It should give happiness. Do you understand?
Got it

Well, then laugh with me.
He laughed as he said this. King Mama had a very thick neck. In her laughter, the wheat began to grow all around. He and I hugged him. King Mama said, no work back home today, let’s go to Sripur. There will be a ride today. I was excited and went with him.
How long, but everything seems to float in front of the eyes.

12. With the king’s uncle

I have never had any intimacy with King Mama. But we stayed in the same room. The king’s uncle is in one of the two beds in the most southeastern room of the barn, and the other is Nebula. The king’s uncle has not been seen all day. When I returned at night, I never knew. You’ve already gone to sleep. Something is broken when I wake up and I hear what you are reading. On the day when the mood was good, he would say with a cheerful voice, Ranju, listen and see how I would say. I do not understand exactly what is happening when I am suddenly asleep. Mama stood up and started shaking her hands –
Let’s go to the state,
No harm
But you are Tide
Where to go
He had a sore throat, all the houses trembled. Standing in the middle and saying, Wait, the dress is not worn, it is not good without clothes. Get up, wake up in the nook. Nebula’s crying for the first time or when he was awake. King Mama used to say, ‘Donkey! Don’t see what I’m doing Then both of them looked at King’s uncle. Opening the cupboard, he took out the crown, dressed in a girdle. Then he is acting alone. We are looking at the two children with fascinated eyes.

King Mama is a distant man from the very beginning. He who shows us his performance in night clothes, cannot be a close man. He is also a party to the people of the house. At a very young age, Nanajan once expelled her from her home. A boy who escapes from school to school, cannot be kept in the house by a man like Nanajan. On hearing the news, the younger Nanijan left to eat and drink. Come on! The king sent a large number of people and brought the mama back. He does not harm the king’s mama! King’s uncle is in your mind.
King Mama was very attracted to my childhood. The artist always attracts children. Maybe the kids got the talent first, but the king’s uncle was very unhappy. He could not easily reconcile the social status of the people with the status quo. But all the world of his thoughts surrounds Jindal. Occasionally I saw him, sitting quietly to get a chair on the porch. If I’ve said,
What does Mama do?

It has been morning since evening, Mama is sitting there. If someone has said,
King, what happened to you?
Occasionally this would happen to him. Nagarajan used to be angry. Calling the little nannies and saying, is it violated? Beaten with a hard fist is okay, you understand? Niranjan tries to apologize to Minmin. Then one time, he was standing in the back of the house crying in exchange.
We were afraid of everyone. When he came down from the floor to the floor, the floor would become silent. Even the youngest children, who have not yet been judged, would have fainted when they saw Nanajan. Fear is also highly contagious.
In the morning, he woke up at the sound of the recitation of the Qur’an. Thick throat, drag and drop in nasal tunes for a long time. Then there was a red hat with a red hat in his head. Simply put, the white lungi is worn in Sindh. He used to sit in the chair with his handheld for a long time. When he finished reading, he sat quietly for a while. At this time, the younger Nanijan used to make a large bowl of tea in a jam bowl. Nagarajan chewed a lot of time and consumed tea. Then he opened the duck nest in his hand. The chicken nest on the side, he didn’t even touch it. Without the ducks, they would run to the pond. He also went back and forth. All the routine hurdles, there is no need to be more and more.
Some people build fate into their own hands, and to some, luck comes to you. Nagarajan does not fall into either of these two. The wealth and honor of the ancestors were cherished. But he was not restrained. The ego was very, very humble. Maybe a relative has come to visit; Nanajan has become busy. Again and again, you have come to the house of the poor; Bring your tobacco, and catch a cough I see a good one. Whoever came, he would be ashamed of the abundance of organizing.
The image seen thirty-five years ago. Writing from memory That memory has to be trusted. Those of us boys and girls did not have any interest at all. Lived alone All the time. The big Nani Jaan was somewhat unfamiliar. He was down from the floor. Kale-bhadre Little Nanijan has never seen anyone talk to Nanajan in a light tone. The Klara lived as far away as us. Powerful people always lead such lonely lives.

I do not know why I would very much like to think of myself with many children. How long before I go to sleep, Nanajan comes and tells me, I will go to Ranju to visit. I’m holding his hand to the fence. How long I thought I would wake up today and go to the front of Nanajan’s room.
But she did not become anymore. It is a hurry to break the sleep, to fall, to fall, to fall. Maulvi Sahib is sitting in the outer room. We are all appearing one by one in Ampara’s hands. The girls are on the right side, the guys on the left. The voices of the gathering voices were heard, Alif two peshun wool, bay two pesh bun. Breakfast is just finished reading Arabic. Then read English, Bengali, and numerals. Ram Master used to study. Heavy good master. He used to walk in the open. Built Without Nebula –

Ram Master is old
One leg kicked her
He studied until he went to school. Only the boys read to him. The girls did not need to read anything other than Arabic. They used to do housework, made lace-leaf flowers with lace, wrote designs on pillowcases, didn’t make me wrong. Ram Master used to go to school at the time of departure. When the school is over, the lesson is in play. The sun goes down until it is dark. No time to spare. In the meantime, Lily would come and take me inside the house. He always thought of himself as one of my parents. He was keen to tell me that he was the closest person to my great-grandfather and grandfather in this huge house.
His light-skinned body, wearing a saree, would have been upset if I caught my eye at some point. He would point to me with a pointed hand. Whispering, you know, tomorrow everyone fried the fish, and you took one.
Only one gave me.
Where’s the fool. You couldn’t ask? And when you can not tell when to give milk, give another breast milk, Mohr’s mother?
I do not like milk.
If you do not feel good? Health does not have to be good? Nonsense
Having said that, he may have brought a raw-sweet tree to me. Maybe someday he was called to the back of the house. The throat has gone down as before. Whispering, what do you think, what do we fail? I will not get a share of the property of the great grandchild. We? I will surely get it. Big Nanijan’s fair property. And our mother is her only daughter. We are both just warriors. Got it?

Yes, I understand.
You understand the glass. You are very stupid. Yeah, not so much intelligence. No, keep it to you.
Looking up I saw a shiny sexy one.
Where have you got
Lily Abab whispered that I was her,
Look again, dont tell everyone like a donkey.
No, I will not.

Lilyb’s attitude indicates that he has raised the money in another way. We do not think that we have ever received money in our hands. From an early age, affection did not feel like a bond. What is available is always worthless.
Lily liked Kale-Vadre. I really loved her the day she sat down and dressed me in a little embarassed neck. Or who knows, maybe I learned to show mercy at a young age. He would stutter for a while, and he would tell his nose and mouth a little red,
If I get married, I will be with you, will you be with me?
When married
Will be soon
Then, as if Nehayat would say a word like this, look, Ranju, how does one treat me in saree?
But my nose is a little sore.
No one in the house could see Lily. I do not think how he grew up with so much jealousy. He had only a few people with me except one. He is our great nanny. Large grandchildren used to live in the bottom end of the house on the left. An ax in the dark. The slight gap in the window, with light and wind, has also made the shaggy stalks of the gabs dark. In the small, airless room of the light, the great grandchildren are sitting all day and night. It would seem that Nanajan is two and a half times older. All the hair on the head is glowing. Cheeks have fallen on his teeth. There is only one dirty yellow tooth in the lower girdle. Occasionally, he would get down on the railing, trembling on the railing. What a hurry we have! Everyone is crowded around him. Nanjean Mast made a foam in a clay vase with yellow Henry Henry soap. When the foam is made, pour the parchment – bring the chicken. We would have to rush in to catch the chicken. Not all chickens, it’s just the turn to catch white chickens in the water. Nanijan used to wash them in soap and water. On the side of the bucket were blue spheres. Immediately after being washed, rub it in blue. What a tension between us.

When I talked to Togar. He turned his lower lip and said, so many lies come to you? Phew!
I could not believe him because he was not a liar. How many different stories are there about the great grandchild. I also told Togar the story of his ghost.
The great-grandchildren were fond of swimming in the pond in the evening. Then Kartik month. Little snow has fallen. Nanijan went to the bath in the habitual manner. The sun is dark, it has no name to return. Mohr’s mother lit a hurricane and went to search the pond. She was standing in the waist-water, trembling. Mohr’s mother said scared, what happened?
Nanijan vaguely pulled and said, “Mother of the seal, pull me, I can not get up, how much I tried to get up.”
Togar said, “Hysteria was your grandmother.” Ghosts are nothing. Your great grandfather. Certainly not children.
No, he didn’t have hysteria. No more children, not even that. The only grandchild was Hasina, the only daughter. Everyone smiles. She is the mother of me and Lily.
Hassan came to the house holding a three-month-old baby and holding a four-year-old daughter. If the imaginary image of a particular event is painted countless times, then there comes a time when that imaginary image is delusional. I’m honey Coming home, I can see clearly in front of the eyes. Every detail is extremely fine.
It was evening. Fifteen or twenty lights are lit here, along with a hurricane and a coup. Around the barn of the fish brought from the bill, the wife and wife are catching fish and laughing. The smile came just in time. In a very stubborn manner, he came to the courtyard. Everyone was shocked to find him in the courtyard. The knife came down from the floor and everyone smiled and looked at them with dry eyes.
Hasan’s wedding was full of invitation. Hindus used to come to the Muslim home to eat meat now and then, they did not come. Pour sweets for Hindus. Named craftsman Ramesh Thakur settled in Vienna two days ago.
Relatives and families are not in the house, new houses have emerged here and there. When he came to the village to eat a cup of wine, he said, “What are you doing, sir?” It is a matter of kings! Nanajan said with a smile, The first daughter’s marriage, if not tell everyone, looks bad, everyone is relatives.

The poorest farmer in the village also sold double land at his daughter’s marriage, and the guru of the hall survived. And Nanajan then lies on the money.
The man went to Haluaghgat to bring the elephant. There are two female elephants of Kalushek. From the forest – pulls the wooden load. On the night before the wedding, the mother came to the neck with Mahut. Encouraged children to make banana hills in the courtyard. What’s the point of everyone’s interest to talk dirty with Mahut? Will Mahut want to eat some tobacco?

The bridegroom came on the back of the elephant. People are people. The gate collapses under pressure from the crowd. The bride’s face is covered in zari. Nothing is showing The polar beads will not be removed before the pen is read. It wasn’t the night before. The bridegroom went out to eat cigarettes with friends while he was tired of sitting. We woke up. Everyone, saw! What color It is the color of sir. The prince has come and stood!
Lily is also married in this house. A boy who was ill with ten-fifteen friends sat in the outer room. The marriage of a very small group. The good boy has been found. Moreover, jewelry and jewelry have not been paid much less. Mother’s throat rate, six thorns in her hand, earrings earrings, small nannyjan name ring. Lily was confused and upset when confessed. No one has ever heard the confession of Nanajan’s loud rebuke.
No’mile train by turn. I and Nebuma will get up to the train. Two oranges with bedding leaves have gone before. I can’t keep up with the feathers, I fall behind repeatedly. Nobuyama said, blistering on his feet, I took off his shoes.
Sajnitala came to a stop. The Behras are in Zeroe. Drink tobacco. Lily raised her hand from the palanquin’s gap, and said, “Ranju, will you do mischief?”
Don’t cry for me?
No, don’t cry.
Don’t cry or ray donkey? If you do not cry for the sister, for whom? Do I have anyone else?
The train left.

The train is moving fast at this house. Noobama is crying huh huh. Behar said, “The two come and sit on the couch, take them back.”
Lily got up on the train and my age suddenly increased. It seemed as if I could understand some of the eternal mysteries.

০৩. Anniversary of the founding of the school

Ashwin month is coming to school ready.
Anniversary of the founding of the school. The song will, of course, be the drama tied to the stage. Hiranya Raja is the name of the play. Hiranya king reads by King Mama. There is no limit to encouragement. Ours. The khalara too began to contemplate the drama. Curtains have been made separate for girls. The girls of this house have never seen anything in the theater before. Very fond of watching. The younger grandmother took the petition to the grandfather.
Look at all this! No, no. Although he made strong objections at first, how soft he felt in the end. Understanding the opportunity is going to be a matter of a day, a matter of one day. Amad-ahad does not do anything.
No, the fun is going on all night. Ok let’s go The palanquin can go.
Stage is arranged in the schoolroom. The light of the hajjak is shining all around. People from the village are coming in with a hurricane. Queue in queue There is no place for girls to hide behind the screen. I and Nebuma are sitting with the girls. The little grandmother and granddaughter are sitting quietly on the sheet. It was night before the drama began. Hiranya Raja, the king’s uncle. Such a great king is sacrificing everything for the poor. The bitch is plowing the floor. The king himself, forgetful man, does not know anything. Everyone looks like mesmerized. At one time the Hiranya king left the palace in sadness. The Queen is also behind him. Nanijan said surprised, where did the girl come from. Whose daughter
He is Haru Dada, the girl is dressed.
Oma, Haru or?
The eyes of the bride are no more blinking. Ajmal reads conscience. The cloaks soaked the sheets as they wept. In the last scene, Hiranya Raja tells the minister – This is the state you are Lao brother. With no work, I will go to the forest.
There peace prevails.
Younger aunt said, why not kill the minister?
The minister says the conflict is a king, war is not fruitless.
The war was over. Nobuyama stood in excitement. Nanijan is shouting from behind, and Neu boss, I can’t see. Sit down What a tension! Water in the eyes of the king’s death. King Mama wins. What did you do!

No one thought that Nanajan would see the acting in the end. He appeared at a time when ants would go up in the palanquin. The king did very well. Having said this, he went to the headmaster’s house, pursuing the feast. His dinner party there.
When I go home I see the guest filling the house. From Nandipur, the sister-in-law of Nanajan has come. With children Arrived early in the morning, it was too late to break the boat’s stand. Nebuma and I were surprised to see a strangely beautiful girl among the guests. The older daughter of the sister-in-law of Nanajan. Nickname is Elachi. Such beautiful people are also.
Within two months, Elachi was married to King Mama. It is astonishing to think how all the petty things that happen without apparent cause change the lives of people next time.
The king was very pleased to see the drama that night. When he comes home, he sees a girl like Phuleb walking around. How does it get married to the king? This thought played into the mind of everyone. Elachi came to Nanajan’s house permanently. The name became. Lal wife, I used to call Lal Mami, Nwumama Loki Lal Bhabi. Gorgeous look, cheeks like ripe pomegranate. And what can be called – or called!
Nabumama and I fell in love with Lalmami both at the same time! I always turn around, hoping to do a bit of foot-formance. Lalmami who cares more, neither me nor Nabumama got into a dispute about this. On the way to school, bookshelves were knocked down. Lalmami has been wanting a lot of food, both the Indu Saha’s house has stopped running. Indu Saha’s house has two big trees, sweet as jaggery. Lalmami wants to eat kamaranga, jhala lanka makhye. Extensive forest behind the house. There are trees hiding here. Both have gone to the forest.
Girls can easily understand love. Lalmami understood both of us. Like a pet cat we rode with him. Mohr’s mother says, Pula is a bit of a maa, this is not good.
Nebuma and I were then exiled to a nearby room. How far or away? Lalmami is laughing, we can hear. Lalmami says, oh, the hair was torn. We’re listening. If Lalmami has ever said, this is what I do not have any drinking water today, Omni Nabumama has jumped out of bed, bhabhi, I am bringing water.
There is no attraction at all on a single occasion. A man’s blind love for his mother comes to fruition. Siblings’ love patterns also change. There was no fear that our love for Lalmami would fade. A girl with a different nature like her I saw only one more time in my life.
Speaking of which – Lalmami attracted us in a strange way. Maybe I and Nebuma are sitting in his room. Mommy ordered, Nabu, close the door. Open the cupboard. Get out the king’s robe.
I got up tight and said the king would kill Mama. Mummy’s face turned against the pillow, ne, you put on the crown. Nabu, are you ready, monk?
Nabumama said, what would you like to say before?
I’ll dress the queen.
Then I will dress the king. Then I put the crown on the head. I shout at him, no, I will dress the king.
Mami said, “War should be between the two.” The King who wins. Nabumama jumped in without ending the talk. On me Two dusty mumble eaten on the floor. Life and death depend on this war. God knows, how does Nebuma get so forced into this body?
Win-win takes a long time to determine. When the war-winning king stands with a nail-biting, dusty-gray shirt on his face. Then Mami said in a foolish manner, “No more today, stay today, which you bring with me for speed.
Tell you, what is the thing in the tunnel?
Lalmami said lying in bed, shaking his legs. Thousands of thoughts do not even name the thing in the head, which tends to be smaller in the tunnel.
Can’t you? I will show you the country.
Nobuma ran and brought Deslai. Mamie caught a birdie’s cigarette in front of the two of us, staring at her in awe. I do not know what the king got from the uncle. The two of us don’t breathe. Mami says, look, the more I pull, the smaller it gets. We look at our mother. Mummy grabbed a half-eaten cigarette at us, saying in a quiet voice, “Nabab tara pull.” Do you see Pull it tight Otherwise, I’ll tell you at home. Mummib mouth odor is to bring water for the dandruff crab, bring cardamom seeds. At the same time, our unrestricted attraction to the case began to gather.
The wife of the house looked at Lalmami poison. What kind of wife is this? No shame, no companionship.

Where to see a mother-in-law standing alone with a veil, not tugging away like a horse. Don’t let the new wife sit in the kitchen. Hiihihi is smiling with bamboo in his throat, forcefully taking the grain from the hands of the nuns. Mohar’s mother understands the time spent in the rhythm. –
“How many days of appearance and form?
Nimta flowers are in the winter. ”
Nimta flowers blossom at dusk, and the sun rises a little as the snow falls. But where is he listening for whom? Mother-in-law does not say anything on face. People will say, wife Katiki mother-in-law. What a shame!
The only key is King Mama. He can improve his wife’s customs. But it seems that the wife has done magic to the king’s uncle.
Soon after the marriage, the mama changed drastically. In the move, there has been a terrible unrest in the conversation. Before, I used to be out all day. Come to dinner, this is the connection with the house. Now stay home all day. But he is different. Maybe for a few minutes Lal came to Mamie’s house, face to face busy. Don’t look for anything useful. Lal Mami said to her brother, what do you want?
No, nothing.
Sue went away embarrassed. He sat alone in the outer room. Maybe come back for a while, then go out and sit. Nanijan said one day, king, what happened?
King Mama didn’t say anything. Falafali looked up.

Everyone was surprised that the day Mama Mama disappeared from her house without saying anything to anyone. Nanajan came to Lalmami’s house that day and coldly asked, “What happened to the cardamom king?”
Lalmami kept quiet. Nanajan said, why not you? What’s the matter

Mummy kept quiet. Nanajan said in a quiet voice, “There is no impurity in the house of Elachi, Sarfaraz Khan.” As if to notice.
Nanajan came out and took down the little grandchildren for a while. All day, the house began to pause. I do not know why Kanabibi began to read the Quran that evening in a snake-playing tone. My chest trembled with fear.
In the morning of the third day, King Mama returned. He did not come inside the house and sat in the outer room. Nanijan came and took her inside the house. He remained compressed all the time. When he met Lalmami, he turned pale.
The most surprising thing is the night. King Mama knocked on the door of Lalmami’s room. Mummy said, who?
The king’s uncle said with a sore throat, “I am.”
Meanwhile, in the adjoining room, I and Nebuma stand up. But I do not get any response. The king’s uncle said with a low neck, open the door.
Lalmami did not respond. In the end King Mama pushed us to the door. The three of us slept together. Mama says repeatedly, don’t tell anyone, Khabar.
If I say, I will tear off my ears. Both of them remember.

০৪. In the early days of Vadramas

In the early days of Vadramas, Nabumama fell ill with chronic malaria. Dry hands and feet dry, swollen stomach. In the courtyard, the children roam, and Nebuma watches as he sits on the waterpark. Malaria is a very good medicine. Quinine tablet in dark yellow color. Big, not worth a penny in season. The neck is stuck. Eating rules one day a week, whether malaria or not. Whenever he was playing drugs, his ears would ring, his head would light up.
The neonatal fever receded while eating quinine. The body is very weak. Can’t stand by myself. The head turns around. Hate it all day, eat it, eat it. Itchy mood. If for some reason Lalmami is looking at me, she is angry. Why are you laughing at him? Look at me and smile. Hearing Lalmami sitting like a cruel, looking at you and laughing, Ray, you have become a spit.
To stop Nebuma’s sky-bursting cries, Lallamy often has to look at Nebuma and laugh. Going to school in Nubuma for health is also a friend. After getting a diseased body, various diseases have spread like aspiration, today cold fever, fever and stomach tummy.

The canvas bag offered by the cannabis revolves around the neck like a puppy. At night, great irritation. Wants to drink water after a while. Water is the velocity of his urine again with food. What is the less upset that urging? Hurricane is on fire, Nobuma takes a torch in his hand. I had to go and call Nanijan. Nanjian and I sit on the porch. Namu Mama is afraid to leave the torch. There is no protection in it, you are shocked momentarily, what is it, that is gone?
Nothing, fox.
The fox? However, why not shade?
Shadow in the dark, Ray Ray Duda? Nanijan said annoyed.
This is a routine.
What is less noisy about eating! I wish you had fried kimchi. Stop eating until the kimasha is collected. Everyone got up.
At last Pir-Fakir was caught. To bring water to Sufi Sahib of Dharmanagar, King Mama and I left for Dharmanagar. Two-day route. The light has to be pushed. I took rice pulse with me. Eat and drink on the boat. King Mama spent this long silence. After dusk, he got up on the roof of the boat. Come down Many nights Sleep in bed all day. It can be understood by looking. People losing trust. But I do not understand what you have lost your trust for.
On the seventh day I returned. Sufi very much cared for us. He had to stay home for four days at his request. There is no message, King Mama became the Sufi saint. Hats on the head all the time, praying by the rules. The more I see, the more I am surprised.
There was more to my surprise. On my return home, Nakuma is going to Manohardipur in Khulna district. Will be there for a while. Very healthy place, Rajshahi will go back. Nanajan’s cousin lives there. Government Survey Department Kanungo. From there, Nebuma will study. Nanajan is taking it by himself. The house is being organized.
Nabumama has gone to the Mei more than ever. He grabbed me and said, “I can’t live without the red bhabhi.”
I never thought I would be alone when I was alone. Nebumama is my constant companion. Going to school alone without him. Imagine this scene, but the eyes water. Nebuma doesn’t have a headache for me, it’s just a red image on his face. I said
Take me with you, Nobuma.

How do I get it? You tell your father.
I do not have the courage to tell Nanajan. I caught Lalmami. What was Mummy doing with the needle sitting on the porch? I wept and told everything. He listened quietly. At the end of my words, he said, “Come running from your canal with a gold-plated needle.” Say I want.
Bringing the needle, I made my request to Qatar.
Tell me, ma’am? I have to say today. Today in the evening.
Mummy said annoyed, what do you hate, you are in the next house that there is no cushion? Want to go and tell yourself.
Shortly afterwards Pansi boarded a boat and went to Nanajan and Nabumama. What is the cry of Nebuma when he is leaving! Won’t go to anything Lalmami’s sari is shaking. Shouting at him, I won’t go, I won’t go.
Lalmami said with a dry throat, drop the saree, why shouting on the saree?

০৫. After leaving Navuma

After Nebuma left, I had nothing to do. The mango-jackfruit has gone to school. Wander around the house all day. In the afternoon it does not spend anything else. Sonakhali walked in the heat of the sun, rarely walking. Many wonderful thoughts come to mind when walking. As if the king of the country had taken me away without any crime. I have been ordered to be hanged. All the people of the kingdom gathered around the gallows. I look up, a girl dressed in red is standing up and says, No, this boy has done no wrong, he will not be hanged. To say that the girl cried. I’m saying, no, no, my gallows. The girl is looking at me. His face is a lot like red.
I used to sit for many nights in Sonakhali Pakapool. At that time the fear of ghosts had vanished from my mind. One night I returned alone one night. How many times have I been surprised to walk alone in the dark by the name of an anonymous bird? But I was never afraid. As soon as you go to the kitchen, Mohar’s mother raises rice, or you can eat it and rescue her. I never say these words.
I was in great pain at that time I was drowned. There was no headache because of the minor hardship that happens every day.
He does not want to spend the day anymore. Without love, no human being can live without love. I probably got sick for that reason. Spend time in bed I do not know why, unhappiness is good. There is no work other than sleeping in bed from morning to evening. Occasionally the king came and sat down. Something very irrelevant is talk. Mama might say,
The more the milk, the more the body will be stressed.
Well, ma’am, eat.
Janmashtami fair in Pirpur, going or see?
I will get sick.
Mama lives for a while. Speaks without gestures. It is a great surprise to see and hear. His health has deteriorated. The cheeks sit and look like an old man.
Lalmami does not come big. Maybe from the door he said,
Ranger fever has come again?
No ma’am, no fever.
If not, good. Having said this, he left busy. I look at the thirsty Nayan on his way. At that time, I love and hate Lallamy at the same time. He is the first of such dual feelings towards a person. This has been the case for many more later.
It was at this time that I got a little closer to the Safura canal. Intimacy with him will be my childhood wish. He will be a year older than me. Very quiet kind of people. From an early age I saw him walking alone on the porch. A stick in hand Occasionally, he is shouting and saying in his mouth, birds have flown. The first day I saw such a strange thing, I fell from the sky! He could not see me, so he began to knock on the stick and lift the bird. When I went and asked,
Auntie, what do you do?
The water came to the eyes of the canal in shame. Somehow,
Nothing, I play. Even then I saw Khala playing such a strange game. Shame on me for this I did not read. I had a great desire to interact with him. But he was ashamed when he saw me.
In times of illness, the Safura canal used to come to my door. I used to call,
Auntie, come in.
No, I’m here.
Saying that he used to stand at the door for a long time. There was a lot of talk with him. I do not remember what kind of thing today, I remember, always laughing in the face.
Aunt sometimes used to tell strange stories.
One day, he said, “Ranju was a very strange thing last night.” I am asleep, suddenly hearing the sound of laughter, the sleep is broken. I can see with my eyes a puffy angel sitting on my bed. I’m surprised! Then the fairy did many stories with me. It’s dawn When he said, I go. I said, “Brother, fairy, can you put a hand on your wings?” He said, ‘Don’t give up. I wiped my hands in the wings of the fairy, and saw what a fan. And the sweet smell in my hand from that. Do not look dry.
I could smell the flowering flowers drying the hands of the Safura canal. The aunt may have been wandering around in the flower garland for a long time, the smell of it. Saphura’s aunt was a really weird girl. One night a huge surprise happened. I dreamed of Lily. She poses as a guardian, saying, Ranju, you do not care. Here. You come to me
I forgot about Lily. How long has he been gone? Why did not remember her for a long time! I was very surprised to find the dream broken. I don’t even remember what Lily looked like. Just remember, his chin was kind of tall. There was a red mole there. Lily used to show me this sesame in her childhood and said, “Ranju, if this sesame was on the forehead, I would be a queen.
After a long time I saw Lily in a dream. And that night I decided to send a letter to Lily, knowing the address from the nephew. This made me feel very good. It felt like the body was healed, standing on the porch and eating the breeze.
As she came to the porch, her eyes widened. It is so sad to see such a turbulent light. Who knows why?
I stood there for a long time. When the legs came up, I sat against the wall. Suddenly I hear Lalmami crying in the adjoining room.
Make no mistake, I could hear clearly. Mama also said something in the lower neck. Mommy stopped crying and woke up, I will not hear anything. I am
How can this event not be mixed up with this wonderful exterior? I was upset. ”

০৬. What to do with the address

Nanajan said, what to do with the address?
Write a letter
Remember the letter writing after so long?
I kept quiet. Nanajan said with a little sarcasm,
How is the body? Have a fever?
Yes, no.
Nabu writes letters to you.
Please write.
I have written a letter saying that I will come home after the worship. Nanajan suddenly stopped talking and said,
The lilies are no longer where they used to be. I do not know the new address. Well, I’ll tell you the quest.
Lily wrote a letter to you and asked?
Nanajan hesitated a little, wrote less.

At the beginning of Ashwin, Nabumama arrived.
I do not see eyelash in his eyes. Growing up in length, health is good. Light blue mustache on the lips. Nebuma saw me and said, ‘What a hell Ranju!
Did ill. My. You can no longer recognize Mama.
Have you seen health Look, press the hand mask and see.
No need to look at pressing the mask. Nebuma’s health and beauty make me jealous. Lalmami can not recognize Nabumama, who is shocked to think that he has come. Omni Nobuyama grabbed and shook his hand. Mum said,
Noooo? You’ve changed.
Today is the first time you have told Mamai Nebuma. Nabuma laughed and did not get cool. He stopped laughing and said,
Bhabhi, you are the same as before. No, not as good as before.
After a long time, it was nice to see Nebuma! Moreover, Mama has changed so much. What a wonder he does. As a kid, he used to look the same. I started to chase after Neumama with utter amazement. The story of Nebuma is not Abua Furrow. School stories, school friends stories. Story of Rajshahi. Of this, the story of his visit from Rajshahi to Natore’s palace. I listen and wonder.
Nobuyama was tired. He fell asleep at noon. I’m also lying when Nabumama wakes up. In that hope Night breaks in the evening to break sleep. The little nannyan came and called. I left. Lalmami’s room. I saw the tension that Nubuma’s childhood had towards Mum. In such a long time, there has not been much reduction, the destruction has increased.
Lal Mami said, “Nabu, I have a heavy head, afterwards the story with Kobab Tomab. Nobuyama smiles at Ho.
No, the story needs to be done right now. And you have to call as before.
Saying this, Nobuyama opened the door. I was surprised to see Nobuyama leapt into his pants pocket in mysterious gesture,
Look what I brought you, look.
Do you see the ball? Guess what
Lalmami moaned. Nobuma said,
As a kid, we ate cigarettes. Today I brought cigarettes. Will have to eat again today.
Are you holding a cigarette in the meantime?
No, not caught. I brought it for you.
That’s why Nobuyama grabbed a cigarette himself and looked at Lalmami and smiled. Lalmami said,
I don’t smoke cigarettes
Have to eat
Nobuyama forcibly smoked a cigarette in his face. Mum blushed and said to her dry throat,
You’re a big mess.
Nebuma didn’t interrupt. He started smoking cigarettes. One time he said,
Bhabhi, I wrote so many letters to you, why did not reply?
I gave one.
No, from now on, all the letters have to be answered.
Saying that, Nobuyama came out. Said, Ranju, let’s go to the field. It’s very windy, you’ll be hungry when you walk in the field.
There was a lot of buzz that night in the field. Shining around. A cold wind blows. Nobuma shouted, “What a joke!” Want to eat It seems that I will copy and eat. Nobuyama’s mouth began to break with food. To my surprise I saw his joy.
Many a night, I see King Mama sitting quietly in the water. Seeing Nabumama cleansed in a lifeless voice,
When are you coming
In the morning Where have you been
What the king said uncle, did not understand. “What happened to you?”
King Mama grumbled in reply.
After eating rice, Nobuma said, “What happened to the king’s brother?”
Nanijan said, magic has made him.
Who did the magic?
Who again; Wife
Nobuyama got angry and asked what he was talking about all the time.
Nanijan said, what is the quality of the wife, what is left to know for so long? I can’t look at the king.
I did not know when Lalmami stood behind her in silence. Cold throat said, who did the magic, mother?
Nanijan said, wife, with whom do you speak with tears?
Did i roll my eyes

On whom do you show warmth to your wife, the form of the mind does not fall on the ground? Meanwhile, I cannot show my face to relatives. People all over the world call you sterile.
Nobuyama said, “Mom, you shut up.
Do you shut up? Whom do I fear? If you tell the king today, tomorrow he divorces three.
Lalmami said, so why not say? That’s sitting in the outpost. Go and tell.
Nabumama and I get up on the floor and see Mummy standing quietly on the porch. When he saw us, he said with a loud voice,
Nabu, will you leave me at my father’s house tomorrow?
Nobuyama remained silent.
Nebuma stayed with us for a month. He brought many story books, read them daily. Lohram had a book called Ketcha. Such a laugh! Nabumama read, I heard Lalmami laughing loudly. One of the little ninjas used to be angry ghosts one day.
Wife can not laugh? What will happen to your in-laws?
Mohr’s mother used to tell us –
The more I cry
I told Ram Sanna.
When Nobuma heard it, he said, Mother of Mohar, let your Ram Sanna read this book. Let’s see what the boy laughs.
One day, after hearing the sound of laughter, Sapura’s canal came to her feet. From the outside of the door, he says,
Future, what are you laughing about?
I’m laughing at the story. Story of laughter
Sapura came inside the canal and smiled sweetly. It was as if we had found a secret concourse. Then, as usual, Fikfiq said in the throat,
I don’t like the story of the laughter.
Yet he sat down and listened to Nobuma’s story. Then he said, “No, let’s all come out of the Dighi Ghat.” Now there are no more people.
From that day, our routine is to go to Dighi Ghat after reading stories. There was no limit to the excitement of the nebuma on the fence one day. A Hindi song learned from school used to sit on the neck. The first line was as it seemed
“Soil May Swallow
Soil in the soil
The soil may go to the forest. ”
Time spent filling in the wings of the birds. Of course, at the time of visiting the fence, Lalmami’s mood was bad. They used to happen when Mommy could see King Mama sitting quietly opposite the ghat. Looks like weird TB, not humans. There is not much movement.
Seeing that Nebuma’s vacation was over. I began to think that if I was alone I would not survive. As the day progresses, my distress grows. In the evening just before leaving, I am sitting in the room with a heavy mind. Nebuma is not even talking. At that time, Kanabibi called from below, and Elachi Begum! And Elachi Begum!
Lalmami said, “Come on, why not see the call.
Nabu Mama said – How is your name Elachi?
I always have the scent of cardamom in my mouth, hence the name cardamom.
Nabu Mama has come forward, never said before – I woke up! I see, the head was slightly bent.
What a mad man.
Before saying it, Nabu Mama Lalmami’s head is shaking and she is shaking. Hey really The scent of cardamom.
When the little nannyan came in, she said with a sore throat, “Oh, wife, Kanabibi has been calling you for an hour.” Can you hear the ears?
Lalmami said, what is calling for?
What did he do to you that he gave you a neck and a waistband?
I left.
Have you dropped any?
What will happen if you give amulets?
Nanijan got angry and said, “What, dare your wife?” Belief in the Qur’anic Word of Allah. There is no fasting, no prayer! Perky girl!
Nobuyama said, “Mom, you shut up.
No, why not shut up? Wife’s last words to me, Taliba Diva or not.
Lalmami said, asking your son. If she says she’ll give birth to my children, I’ll give it.
At that time there was a shout down. I and Nebuma ran off and saw how Rahmat Mia opened the chain and came out. The chains are dancing in their hands, and they say raw food! Eat raw!
People surrounded him. Can’t dare to go near. Two are holding tall bamboo. Nanajan said,
No one will kill her, newsie. Hold on carefully
Going to the hall to do a lot of exercise. Harris Sardar ate the chainsaw’s house. Nanajan said, Go, leave the mad haramjadata in the boat at Nandipur market right now! It will survive quite a bit.
Boats were built in the ghats. Many enthusiastic travelers were ready. Like an adventurous adventurer releasing an aquatic lunatic into the market for anagram.
The madman will never get on the boat. The screaming scream made it home. But he got on the boat and changed his mind. He sank his hand into the water of the river, then laughed happily.
Oops! Seeing the business of the madman takes big ray.
Looking up, King Mama is sorry to be sitting on the pier. His eyes were glowing with affection and compassion.
The weather was very hot for the next two days. The morning that Nabu Mama would leave, there was a minor confrontation with Kanabibi in the morning. Lalmami says after waking up –
This is the work of Cannabis. Kanabibi, you have such courage.
Kanabibi says –
How does the wife of the house talk to people?
The subject is nothing more. Lalmami went to sleep, found a piece of sari under his pillow, hair on his head, a small bone – this kind of thing tied to the yarn. Probably accessories. Since then, this is a danger.
I’m going with Nebuma to the station. Train at two at night. I left for dinner. Before the hurricane is going to a Kamla. A cold breeze blows. Nwuyama and I are going to do the story. Suddenly Mama said,
He didn’t tell you I met Lily. At Shantahar Station. Sitting on the platform, I did not recognize him. Called suddenly,
Nobuma, no?
Nobuyama said for a while, he had become very poor. Sick has been too. Dirty clothes It looks so bad.
Did not meet Lily’s father?
No, Lily said, “Shame on me or hide where I am.”
Didn’t say anything else?
Asked you about If his condition is good, I will take you or him.
Nabumama said, are you upset?
I have. When Lily’s father-in-law went to the wedding, remember, Ranju?
There is
Did not weep on the train or cry?
Nobuyama took a deep breath.

০৭. I was very troubled

I was very troubled by the service.
The school has to pay. Occasionally you have to contribute. In the past, when Nebuma would give it, he would give it to me. Now I am alone. I can’t ask for anything from anyone. In terms of clothing. I came along with the clothes of Nebuma. Lilio often made it. Something didn’t work. Now it seemed to be inconvenient. I do not think what to do. The king is ashamed to ask for something from Mama. I fell very hard. To think of yourself as unwanted is a matter of hardship and shame. I started to have a lot of trouble. I wished I could go to Lily. But I did not get a reply in writing to him. They did not tell anyone where they went from the old place to the new one.
Moreover, various problems have started in the world of Nanajan. His birth mother, Halim, started a case on Sheikh’s land. Spending money is like water. At an early age, Nanajan had to run in court and courtroom. There is no way to do anything with the king’s uncle. He has become like a substance. After returning from Sufi’s house, he had been practicing for some time. People say good. Now they’ve left. Do not break the drug or do it nowadays.
There is also a lot of turmoil over the Safura canal. Then he grew up watching. His marriage is also being talked about. Once all was well. The boy’s father is excited to see the girl. She has never seen such a good-natured girl all her life. But the marriage did not. Various rattles about the Safura canal. His not-so-bad head. At night, the girl does not walk in the pond. It is a bad sign to spread such a word about a girl once. There is no end to the unrest in the house. Nanijan weeps like a song in exchange. Sometimes I say to myself, my nasib, the son I married, the barren and the girl is half-mad.
But the sapura canal with whom so much turmoil is silly. One day I asked the Safura canal, “Canal, do you roam alone at night?”
Aunt said with a gentle sigh, it is so good to sit in a pond ghat alone!
There is nothing to notice about the turmoil that surrounds him. Have your mind It started to hurt me a lot. Then I fell in love with the canal.

In fact, I couldn’t understand the canal at all. Humans have a natural affinity for all kinds of inanimate objects. That’s why my love for him grew. I wish I had a very close friendship with him.
But he built a wall around himself. There is no way to get close to this wall. He is drowning in his own creation. There is no care for the outside. I wish I had gone to the pond. Went to the garden alone
I do not know why I have seen these things. I had an idea that the Saphura canal would suffer a great deal in life. There was no reason to think that way. But I think it might be called intuition.
Seen later in life My idea is to match the letters in the letters. Grief has come and he has simply accepted the grief as a daily occurrence in life. This girl’s story I’ll tell somewhere else. Today, I only talk about Hasan Ali.
Hasan Ali what the contractor used to do in the market. Twenty-six-seventy years old. Very poor What kind of a relative of Nanajan? There used to be a house in Nanajan (the house was built for guests and guests in the exterior of the house was called Bangla House).
Very silly boy. As long as I stayed home. He used to sit and do the calculations. When we appeared in his room at that time, he would get upright for no reason. Then, trying to be easy, the eyes turn red. Every Saturday, he used to buy some sweets. Sweets have been brought to the people of Nanajan’s house but they do not dare. Calling someone overnight may have whispered, “Bring me some sweet.” People are almost asleep at home.
Saphura’s aunt said one day, and Ranju, Hasan Ali or a man in the outer room. I said, yes, you know how?
Oh God, it’s been fun. The next day I went alone to the shore of Dighi, to see if a man was sitting quietly. I said, who’s there. The man said, My name is Hasan Ali, I live in your Bangla house. I thought then, let’s go back. The man said, why did you come alone all night? How many snakes are there? I said, you are coming, you are not afraid of snakes?
Do you know what the man said then?
He said, “You are a good girl.” What did you see
Shortly afterwards, I heard that Hasan Ali was proposing to marry his young daughter to Nanajan. The fire is raging. The smiles of laughter fell at home. Saphura’s aunt just said, “Oh, poor, poor, will everyone do this?” Phew! Lalmami heard the words and said, “No one will make a joke about our Safura’s allowance. Saphura gets hurt. Nanijan was angry at Lalmami. Shouting, what is this young wife talking about!
The matter did not end here. Nanajan Hasan told Ali to get off the bus here. One morning, Hasan Ali left by boat. Hassan Ali, sitting on a bed covered with satin rings on two trunk.
The Saphura canal has since become unstable. Only one bull in the face, the man was hurt without fault! Nabumama had heard of the incident a long time ago and said, “If I were, I would have put a knife on the neck of the shawl. Saphura canine poisoning voice, say, noooo, phe!

০৮. The story of Achinpur

The story of Achinpur is deeply engrossed in writing. Feeling that happiness and sorrow are actually the same thing. Happiness changes over time and becomes sad. Sadness is happiness. I remember today the sad and painful events of life. In the memory of ancient happiness, the chest is burdened with pain.
The role of a three-month-old child who has entered the world in Hasan Kol will be the third male role, for a reasonable reason. His presence will be like a shadow. The happiness and sorrow of this family of Sarfaraz Khan will not touch him. But how closely I became involved with their lives. My uncle cried when he saw the uncle uncle of the king. When Sapura laughed, she said,
Ranju, I very much like to spend a night swimming alone in the pond for many nights. Can you stand for me a little bit, Ranju? Let no one know.
Then I felt deep affection for the Safura canal. But I’m sure one day Lily’s letter will arrive. I’ll leave them all behind.

With Halim Sheikh, the two cases have resulted in various cases. Until the time when Nanajan was in possession of the land, Halim Sheikh’s people raised red flags and occupied the land to ring the bell of Kasa. Halim Sheikh, feeding the people of the village, slaughtered cows.
The amount of land is nothing. The finances have also been small. To a man like Nanajan, that money is nothing. But he broke down. The Koran does not sit in the courtyard like a daily recitation. You sit quietly in your room. Within a short time, health was broken. Eating was slow. Can’t sleep at night. He sits in the courtyard for many nights. Nanjian breezes his head. Massage the oil in the legs.
After seven days, Nanajan announced that he would not live long. Want to dispose of property. Letter to Nebuma that he should return the letter, no more need for study. The man sent and bought expensive shroud clothes. The place has been fixed for the grave. Bricks were brought in to bury the grave. Maulana called and repented. Everyone in the house seemed to be preparing for this muted death. Just this time the old nannyjan died.
Mohr’s mother takes milk in the morning to Nanijan’s house. What caused that day that was late. At noon the bowl was taken with milk. Big shout out to enter the room. Death has come silently. No one ever knew how he died.
We all stood in front of his room. Purple bedding leaves. The pillow sheets did not shrink at all. The great grandmother is lying tight on the bed. Mice or anything else has eaten his lips and one eye. Sufura cried when she saw the death that had been waged, and cried as Mao, and Mago. Lalmami Sapura took her by the hand and took her down.
Bought for Nanajan. He was buried in a shroud. His grave is the place where Nanajan is to be found. The bricks that Nanjaan had brought for himself were interrupted by the kebab.
In a matter of weeks we all forgot about big nieces. As before, quarrelsome, color-joke began. Removing all her belongings from the house of the great-granddaughter, the necessary onion garlic was kept in the pile.
The day began to pass. A life without monotonous diversity. That is a lonely walk to go to Sonakhali. Sit quietly at night in Pukurghat. There is no world beyond me. All desires are centered around this. One of these days, Nanajan called me to his room. Said,
Your great-great-grandmother has donated her own property to you and Lily by donation.
The great-grandchildren knew he had a lot of property from his father, no one knew the amount of it. Nanajan said, lots of land, Lily needs to come. But his address is not known.

০৯. News came from Rajshahi

News came from Rajshahi, Nabumama had left for Kolkata without anybody saying anything through the school finals. Nanajan’s face grew serious. I know why the grandmother knows, Nabumama will never return. When he cried like a song, he said, One girl is crazy, one boy is sick, a wife is barren.
Listening brings laughter, and sadness again. King Mama occasionally scolds the nanny, what mother, you always make sterile wife sterile wife!
Nanijan went off and said,
What else should I call the sterile wife?
Ah, the cardamom gets hurt.
The grandmother struck the forehead. And said
Ha Ray wife, did you do magic?
King Mama worried, fed up and tired.
Nabumama suddenly feels happy to move to Kolkata only Sapura canal. He called me and said that if I was a boy, I would go away without telling anyone like Nebu.
Eight to ten days later, Nobuma sent money from Kolkata. Many people sent money through. He was ordered to be brought to the neck. It was decided at home that Navumama would be married. Nanajan looked at the girl. Nanjian Mahakushi. Listening to Lallami and saying, Within a year of the new bride will have a boy – I dreamed.
A few days after leaving the man with the money, Nobuyama arrived. He did not come directly to the house, he sent the news through the people saying nothing to anyone, I should come to Aziz Khan.
Nabumama was sitting in the chair in the outer room of Aziz Khan. Something grew on the head. The color of the cow is blurred. The mysterious laughter smiled at me, nobody knows if I came home?
What’s the matter with Nobuma?
I have a plan. Ranju. I’ll surprise Lalmadi once. I bought a gramophone. Look at that table.
I look at the handheld device placed on the table. Nobuyama said with a laugh, there are five records. One hundred and fifty bucks.
My encouragement is not limited to hearing the plans of Nebuma. If everyone falls asleep in the night, Nubuma will go quietly with the gramophone. In the room where I and Nebuma are staying, arrangements will be made for quiet and quiet playing. Lalmami will come out after hearing the music. You will be surprised,
What happened to the range, where is the song?
Then Nobuma will come out laughing with laughter. Nobuma is tugging on the enthusiasm. I said
Numma mama, listen to a song now.
Nabumama shouted yes, no, not now. Listen later. What is the fastest ball?
How do I say, which one?
It was just before dusk that evening, it started raining. Is it raining! Floats the houses. As the night wore on, the wind began to blow. Nobuyama sits in a confused face. Stayed Dinner took place at Aziz Khan’s.
When the night was over, people were lying down, everywhere, then we got up. The rain did not stop, it was falling. I got home with an umbrella on my head. Flies in mud and water. No one is awake at home. The light is only visible in Nanajan’s room. The two of them came up to the floor silently. The door is open very carefully. I’m astonished by the sound of a little catch.
In the dark, Nobuma took out his hand. Jung was fitted with great difficulty. When breathing hazards, grass is grass. However, it is raining, the rain has come down. Nobuma whispered, “Who knows what song I gave?” There is a very bad song. It would be bad if it came first.
I said, Nobuma, why am I late?
Give it The rain is a little slow, or you won’t hear it.
As the velocity of the rain dropped a little, the music began to sound,
Moonlight in my broken room
Tell me where you put it.
Will I be fascinated by hearing Lalmami songs, I myself became fascinated. What a wonderful Kinner’s voice is singing. Drizzle outside. My eyes were wet with emotion.
Nabuma whispered, “What’s the matter, doesn’t the future come?” Oh Ranju.
I did not reply to that. Then the storm came out. The sound of knocking on the window. Nebuma stands up to close the window, calling Lalmami,
Ranju, Ranju!
Nebuma whispered, “Shut up, don’t talk.” I kept quiet. Nobuma continues another record—
‘If You Don’t Feel Good, Don’t Give Up’
Lalmami knocked on the door, and Ranju, what is the matter, where is the song? Nobuyama could not keep up with the excitement and ho laughed, I brought you the future. I brought it for you. Nabumama grabbed Lalmami’s hand and dragged her inside. What a hurry! Lalmami said, not yesterday’s song? Once I was a kid. Have you got Do not light the lamp.
The lamp was lit. Will I see Lalmami? I’m looking at Nebuma. Nebuma’s eyes lit up with excitement. Mami said, give the moonlight song another time in the broken room.
That wonderful song reverberated. Then it was raining outside.
I remember that night.
The facts of a person’s entire life are very limited. How many people are there, all their lives are spent in a fact that does not create a passion for remembering. I forget how much I myself. But I remember that night, the tears came to my eyes when I heard the song. I turned my head to look out the window so that Nebuma and Lalmami could not see. Nobuma said,
Bhabhi, I want to dance.
Don’t dance
Nobuma said,
Ranju, you dance with me?
I did not respond to that statement. Mum said,
Noooo, that record again.
It will be overnight today. If you understand.
There is no fatigue in Nebuma. Lalmami’s enthusiasm is also unlimited. My sleep made me sleepy. Nabumama said, donkey! So fine songs and how do you sleep.
Lalmami said,
Stay today Sleep you
No, no. As long as it rains, it will sing. From the end of the talk, there was a loud thunder.
At that moment, Nobuyama laughed at Ho. Mami said, Ranju, getting sleep. Come to my house with these, I can hear the moonlight in the broken room listening to the song and write on paper?
I can certainly. Sure.
Rain was pouring through the windows, and when I got up to stop, I saw the lagoon tree of the great grandmother’s house collapsed. How nerdy the place looks. It’s raining well. Even though the wind stops, it is raining in the rain. Who knows, maybe this time around, Ban will call. This is the last time a river has been heard from home. Lie down on the sheet and listen, Nobuma says, sister-in-law, you too sing. With, with-
No no, I can’t. You are the soil, the soil is full.
Nobuma walked and grabbed his neck—
Soil in May, Soil in May
Soil May Tanbin
The barley soil is all those common places.
As soon as the song was over, Lalmami said, close the south window, Nabu, I’m getting wet.
Nabumama said, where is the king’s brother?
Not seen for two days. Who knows where If it doesn’t sound good, give it a song. Sleep is coming again. And nabu, you do not get sleep?
Sleepy eyes opened to hear. Wishing to sleep Doesn’t it feel good to listen to music while lying down! Gradually, the wind blew like a storm. As the house stopped long, the noise of the wind began to rise. The door was shaking with a loud noise. I got up and called Hurricane Zabal, Omni called Sapura canal,
Ranju, and Ranju!
I opened the door and saw the sapura canal wet with rain cover. Mild voice said, there is no music in the mean-what is Ranju?
Yes, Nobuma was playing the call of yesterday. Kaleb brings the song to Nebuma.
Where are you?
Lalmami and Nakuma play music.
Saphura canal came forward a little, and said, “What music are you not listening to?
The two of us stood quietly for a while. The tour aunt said in a vague voice, Ranju, I am terrified!

১০. It was a rainy night

I could not understand the horror of that wonderful rainy night. Saphub Khan was trembling in winter, his face could not be seen, but hearing only the thought that somewhere, fear must be hidden.
Saphura stood for a while and quickly walked away as if a violent animal chasing him. Baseless steps like drunk. I got lost.
Lots of sleep. The clouds have dropped, the sun is shining. When you look out the window, the mind is lost. I wonder if I’ll be lying down for a while, then Nobuma comes and calls, I come, go fishing. The fresh fish has come in fresh water.
Boats, cannibal, and other equipment, we sailed on the boat. But Nebuma didn’t mind fishing. Irrelevant things started to talk. Until noon, we wandered around. That’s how Nobuma’s attitude seemed to me. He is fleeing for no particular reason. Speaking of marriage, she looks like a teenager escaping in shame. Nabuyama said, Ranju, I will not study anymore.
Doesn’t feel good
What to do?
Do business Traveling from country to country.
Nanajan will not accept.
I do not borrow anyone – what?
To say that, Nobuyama just smiled. At noon, cucumber and coconut were brought in for lunch. It was eaten. From Haldapota we moved further north.
I didn’t feel good anymore, I was up in the sun. I wish I could go back, but Nobuyama repeatedly says, before catching a big fish.
Just before dusk, a huge fish caught. In the well-formed body, the dirt is shining in the sunshine. The boat began to shake in the boat’s crater. Both are ecstatic. Nobuyama opened his eyes very carefully and smiled at me. I said, let’s go back.
Come on.
The boat is floating in the distance. Suddenly, the feeling of nebuma changed. Looking down at me and said with a low neck, let Ranju leave the fish?
Why mama!
No, leave it.
That is why he put the fish in the water. I kept quiet. “I once caught a bird,” said Nwuyama. Tia bird Then think about what I left. I made a lot of money.
What’s the gain
Was done I left the fish today! You see, the fish will bless me.
Nabumama lay on the sidewalk and looked sad.
Hulkschool scandal came home. There has been fierce quarrel with Lalmami in the Saphura canal. Sapura pulled a red hair and pulled her cheeks. Saphura canals are moving in a strange way. Lalmami has closed her door. No talking to anyone. King Mama Adhyamala is riding a Punjabi cow. Sometimes, if everyone quarrels with Cardamom, what will be the poor? No one can see Little Nanijan is annoyed to hear that. This time you gave a damn, which is you, laughing. Don’t worry.
The uncle went to the courtyard and sat down. He looked like a fool. That’s it. Nabumama said, saw nabu? What did Saphura quarrel with? Elachi has not eaten all day.
It was many nights before the dinner was over. It’s too late to cook. The journey to the world is somewhat disastrous. After eating and drinking, I come to sleep, and I see Saphura sitting in the canal. Saphura’s sister-in-law said, ‘You have a bed in the outer Bangla House. I’ll be in this room. Look at the decoration of the house. I have nothing but practical items in Nebuma. Nabumama said, why would you stay here? What is your own house
Water falls in my room, the bed gets wet.
Nebuma stared at him with a stubborn look for a while. Then, Han Ho left the house. Saphura’s aunt said, Ranju, you will keep your eyes on Nabu.
Go down the stairs and meet the king’s uncle. King Mama said, Ranju, do you know if Cardamom is eating rice?
Don’t know
Mohr’s mother said she ate. You come with a little search.
You do not go yourself Mama.
Well, well I go by myself.
Lalmami did not eat that day. He did not play at night, took his rice in the afternoon and Mohr’s mother returned. The Saphura canal made a lot of requests. To no avail At last Nanajan came. Annoyed and sad voice said, all this wife?
Lalmami did not speak. Nanajan said,
Eat, eat rice.

No, don’t eat.
All day was gone Saphura started to cry. What a wonderful situation! King Mama has made a boat to Sipore. Lalmami’s mother will bring with her absolutely.
Kanabibi repeatedly said that the wife had a bad wind, or else it would. Don’t tell Mukund Ojha once.
Lalmami’s mother came to the news immediately. Lalmami said, No, I will not eat at all. Don’t eat anything at home. I am Nanajan said, Well, take the girl either. May heal from day one.
Lalmadi was taken aboard. King Mama is already sitting in her boat with her suitcase in the boat’s base. Lalmami was irritated at seeing the uncle.
If he does, I won’t go. By Allah, I will not go.
King Mama fell down silently and looked at everyone like a fool. As if nothing had happened. The water came to my eyes when I saw his scalp.

১১. For a wedding in New York

Everyone was busy for the wedding of Nebuma. The girl was already fixed. This time the conversation began. Nanajan went to see the girl formally with a variety of sweet, yellow colored sarees and earrings. He went with Head Master, Aziz Ali. I went with them. What a sweet girl Shyamala color, big eyes. One glance at the mind becomes full. It made me feel good. In the middle of the month of Paush, Nanajan got up and left.
At home there was a strong stream of joy. The happiest Safura canal. Laughing and smiling face. Talking about marriage with everyone. Nebuma but no reaction. No headaches about what’s not happening. Go fishing Somewhere, when the news of Tatara arrives, he travels to listen.
Football has dropped in the village field. Spend the afternoon playing football. When he stands at the senator’s forward, the opponent is neutralized. Many of the Shield games have begun. The village team is very strong.
Will go to the finals, no doubt. Nwumama plays smartly. Death play. As he ran with the ball, his head trembled in the long wind in the cup. Sitting outside the field, I was so impressed that I saw it. Bringing hot water into the night, Nobuma submerges his feet in hot water and tells different stories. There is no talk in the context of Lalmami. He was the one who went and has no name to return. King Mama took the boat to every halter. He returned the same day. Lalmami spends the rest of his time in the house. I can understand where the melody has gone. Doesn’t feel good Think about when Lily’s letter will arrive, when I can leave. Then I learned to dream a lot. Feeling disgusting to be living in a parasite but can’t get out. The great-grandchildren gave me and Lily many possessions. But that did not change my condition.
Besides, I fell in love at that time. In this story of Achinpur, he does not even mention love, because he has no role here. But it was a drastic change that I must say.
The result of the school final in Nebuma is now. Very good results. District scholarship received. Nabuma left with money and money to attend college. Nanajan wanted Nabuma to attend Anandamohan College. But Nebuma wants Presidency College.
The date of the wedding of Nebuma remained the same. Nabumama came to see the girl himself one day. When Saphura’s aunt said, liked the girl? Nebuma shook his neck.
On the twelfth day Nabumama left. And the 13 thirteenth king Mama returned half way from Shipoor. I heard floating around, that Lalmami had gone with Nebuma in the name of returning to her in-laws.
The king’s uncle was locked in the house so that no one could know. She is not okay, when to say what to whom. The small Nanijan’s feet were interrupted. No change is noticed by the Saphura canal. Only his eyes have ink. His face looks like a baby boy.
Nanajan went to Hajj that year; All property was disposed of before leaving. The king wrote down his mama and read it all.
An ancient ancient botanical tree has dried up before the eyes. The green leaves are falling, the stem is weak. I was so looking up. The childhood love that I had surrounded the house of Nanajan, I do not want to lose the love. But I’m not one here. One day I will go quietly. No one will know where the passionate boy named Ranju went.
Everything in this house has changed. Nanajan, wearing a red puddle, did not sit in the chair of the courtyard before sunrise. How many times have I heard this tune in the words “Fabia ala Rabbi Kuma Tukazjiban” in half-awake ears with sleepless eyes. Now in the morning, it is very quiet.
At dawn, the mind fades away. I want everyone in this house to die. Let Nobuma come back and shout in ecstasy as ever. What a pity! Wants to eat Saphura canal just as before, the bird flew in the hands of all the misery of this world. Let the king’s uncle dress his robe and recite the Hiranya king. But that will not happen, it will not happen. I slipped into the slow stream of the world. I have no connection with anyone today. The day began to pass.

12. The tin canister has fallen home

The tin canister has fallen home. What is being announced in a loud voice. Curious, I see that the mama’s maternal uncle is walking around in bed with embarrassment. Before him, another teen came home with a loud voice. I said, what’s the matter Mama?
Nothing, nothing.
Who is giving the drums? Are you?
For what
The king’s uncle stood up. The voice involved said, “I am opening for the madness of mercy, if any one receives five bucks.
Why, what happened?
King Mama wanted to avoid. But I shook his hand in the meantime. Mama looked at me helplessly. I said with a sore throat, what the matter.
Ranju, the turmoil that has started since the madness of the madman. Bring it back if it’s all over.
Mama crossed my arms and walked forward. King Mama started to get more mad. Nanajan had a huge mango-jacketed garden. He saved it by water. Do the mosque with the money for sale. The little grandmother cried and said, “What are these kings?”
King Mama said in apologetic manner, or he dreamed a white man dressed in white said to him, “Mosque, everything will be fine.” The younger grandmother said, King, you are lying. King Mama nodded and left. The bricks for the mosque started to burn. Mysore came from Mymensingh. The mosque started functioning in the great Milad Mahafil.
Nanajan had two bills. Bill’s money came from fish. Despite the cost of the money, a large part of the money is accumulated. The bill went hand-in-hand with the two. No one could tell how it was. The babysitter began to shed tears all day.
Rahim Sheikh settled several cases together. All of them are false cases. King Mama is sitting idly in front of the mosque. See how the foundation is being laid by brick after brick. I was going to go with the little nanijaan to investigate the case. The case went on for a long time. In two, we got a Rahim Sheikh.
Nanajan returned from Haj this time. The world has become full. The market has started to fall in the money of the market. Nanajan said nothing. At six months of age, he has grown to six. The sight of the eyes is numb, you can not walk alone. Can’t stand without sticking to the mass. He saw the world fall before his eyes. Yet, in the morning, the Quoron began to fall into the shadow of the Sharif. “Ala Rabbikuma Tukazjiban in Fabia.” So which of your favors would you deny?
Before the year goes by, one-third of the property has to be sold. The mosque of the king was finished by that time. The head has a nice carved dome. Collapsible black walls written in blue font on white water walls. In the morning, the children and children of the neighborhood came to take a pomp in the mosque in the morning. Seeing-hearing King Mama Mahakushi. He borrowed money from the Mahajan and spent the pond in front of the mosque. What a beautiful talatal water, a wide ghats to pond stones.
Seeing the king-uncle also makes me feel good. After wearing a white round cap, go to pray in a proud posture with surma in the eye. One day he called me a little hesitantly and said, “Ranju, I have recited Tahitian prayers on the night of Juma, and I see your Lalmami returning by boat. Come back, see you. King Mama’s eyes glittered with joy.
I do not want to think about Lalmami. Still remember big. Who knows where they got the family; Or is traveling around the country like a passenger? Will someday really come back to see the family that collapsed for the last time?
Nowadays I think very much about myself. The mystery that Ajman has grown up in is gone. It seems that nothing is a mystery. Moonlight, the first sun at dawn are all natural laws of mystery. The rules within which we are born, grow up, suffer. I also try to think about what is sad and happy; When Mohr’s mother stood in front of me with tears in her life-storing patula-putli, and went to bat Ranju. I would never raise a man’s burden in your misery. Then I have no regrets. It’s as if it happened. So what’s the pain? I understand this sadness when the little nannyjan cries like crazy after hearing that the property is being sold again, but Saphura’s aunt then said with a smile, “There are so many fun things to be poor people, Ranju, you will be able to walk around no one will say anything.” Then all thoughts and thoughts come together.
In the evening I grabbed Nanajan’s hand and took him to the fence. When coughing, he coughs. Openly cry If I say, let’s go home. Nanajan gets up tight, no, no, just a little, a little, a fence. With absolute reliance, he held my hand. The sunlight shone on his white beard.

১৩. For that letter from Lily

The letter I have been waiting for Lily’s letter has arrived. Lily writes the whole letter, I know you’re angry. How long have I been but never wrote a letter to you? What to do I am in such a bad state. You have no job in Dulawai. The settlement has also been broken into Padma. Absolutely begging situation. How long did I eat only once? Then again your Dulabhai’s illness. Throw-and-go situation. Now, of course, all is well. You have come, of course, Ranju.
I turned around to pick up Lily’s letter. All it takes is a big mayhem to leave. This house is known as Ashishiva. King Mama, Nanajan, Lalmami, Nabumama, how can I leave the house where everyone stands with the smell of memory? I wandered aimlessly. I stayed for many nights on the pool of gold. We took the boat to Haldipota. If you are too young, I would like to take a walk on the pond. Sapura aunt said, when will you go Ranju?
I will leave any day.
When is that one day?
Will one day
One night, Sapura wept. I have no power to understand his deep grief. Don’t want to understand When the bond that holds me here will be cut, when will I leave, so think. Nanajan also sometimes asks,
Have you got your day
What will happen to you and the land that is in the name of Lily?
Will remain as it is.
Nanajan didn’t speak. I know this land belongs to them.
It was a very cold winter night. At dusk, the dense fog engulfed all around. Hurricanes are coming out of the room after dinner, suddenly I see Mama getting excited and coming fast. Seeing me stand up.
Ranju, let’s see.
I looked a little farther, Lalmami gazing sadly at the hands of a baby girl, the king said, Mama, they had arrived before dusk by boat. It was quiet. I went to the mosque to go to the mosque. At that time…
Lalmami came to the courtyard holding the baby girl’s hand (which was a long time ago in the courtyard where my mother was holding the hands of her two children). No one said anything. Nanajan stood up like an eagle. The little nannyan didn’t understand anything. In such a manner
Looked up Saphura stood on the porch of the canal, and came down. King Mama got busy and asked her, where is your hot shaft Sapura? It is wintering Elachi.
Nobody asked Nebuma about anything. Everyone was silent. One time I saw Lalmami crying.
I sat in the outer room quietly listening to the call. Many nights King Mama called me. A gentle rebuke said, if all of you were far away, what would Elachi think? Come on, Ranju.
King Mama grabbed my hand.
After a long time I came to Lalmami’s house. Lalmami is halfway on the couch. The baby girl was asleep by rolling the coil near her collar. When I arrived, Lalmami moved a little. I said, how are you Mummy?
Mummy shook her head. The king said, Ranju is not good at all. Don’t look at how bad the health is. I kept quiet. King Mama got busy and found out the old gramophone.
I said –
Stay here uncle
No, no. I want to be heard.
Lalmami said in a gentle voice, “No, no.” No need to play music.
Yet the song sounded—

“Moonlight in my broken room
Tell me where I put you. ”
I’m gone My stay in Achinpuri is over.

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