Finding the oldest fossil forest in the world!
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January 17, 2020, 12:26 am

The journey of the plant began from the very beginning of life on earth. The combination of these plants has developed into a no-go forest. Most of these forests are very old. The oldest list is the 300 million-year-old The Tarkine Forest, located in Tasmania, Australia. Also known as the Chilean Araucaria Forest. One thousand years of age. Japan’s Yakushima forest is not very old but is 3,000 years old.

However, researchers have found evidence of the existence of older forests than all previously known forests. The forest was located in New York. Researchers found plant fossils in an abandoned mine. From which they say that forests existed. And the plant fossil forest found is 385 million years old. Which is older than all the fossil forests known so far.

Researchers in current biology research say that the roots of fossils are found in foliage, similar to what is seen in modern-day plants. The fossil is located about 5 km south of Albany, United States.

So far three fossil forests are known. In the past, scientists believed that the fossil forest found in Gilboa, New York, was the oldest. But currently, the fossil found in Cairo is at least 2 to 3 million years older than the fossil found in Gilboa. It is also very different from the fossils found in Gilboa. Cairo is a small US town in New York.

A person at the state museum in New York first sees the original structure at the foot of the mine. The paleontologist Christopher Berry of Cardiff University, UK, travels without a doubt. He thought that at present the root may have remained after cutting the tree grown on the rock. But after a closer look at the soil structure, researchers quickly confirmed that they were seeing the impression of something much older.

According to William Stein, lead author of the study, the picture of the root of the tree was undoubtedly very interesting. Later, all of his team were able to take extraordinary paintings by removing the lining of the soil with great care.

Researchers found the root structure of the Yospermatopteris plant there. The Yospermatopteris plant is similar to the fern, horsetail and club moss we know at present. Researchers believe that the floods killed the forest plant there. And after they died, the roots were preserved as fossils. There are also logical reasons for this notion. Because they are very close to the fossils of fish.

According to the researchers, the obtained fossils provide important information about the transition between non-plant earth and vegetated earth. The fossil forest found in Cairo dates back to 140 million years before the advent of the dinosaurs. In the Devonian period (419 to 359 million years ago) the Cairo Forest was located 30 degrees south of the equator. It was in the midst of a chilly and dry climate. It is understood at that time how plants reduced carbon dioxide in the environment. As a result, the atmosphere became cooler and the Devonian era ended.

References: CNN, Science Alert, The Guardian

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