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January 15, 2020, 10:07 pm

Just two hadiths will be enough to open our eyes, Insha Allah.

In the hadith, Allah Ta’ala tells us,

“O son of Adam, if you should retire from my worship and pay attention to worship, then I will be your

I will fill your heart with abundance and relieve your poverty. And if you do not, then your hand is busy

I will never give up on you. ”[Tirmizi, Assunan: 20, Ibn Majah, Assunan: 1]

No man can be found in this world, who is content with this life or whose mind is always cheerful. Each one

People are facing depression from many walks of life, many are shedding tears.

There is a class among these people who are living a life of tranquility in the midst of the unbearable pains of the world.

Who are they

They are the people who are obeying Allah in obedience. Religion has always remained steadfast, and in the Hereafter, there is hope for a better exchange.

Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam said, “In the end, Allah will give comfort to anyone whose life is thought (goal).” He will summon his actions and the world will come to him with obedience and obedience.

And whose thought is (the purpose of) the world, Allah will put poverty in between his eyes, distort his actions (so he will be in turmoil) and from the world.

He can only achieve what is predetermined for him. ”[Tirmizi, Assasun: 23; Albany, Silsila Sahih: 1-6]

Depressed? Need happiness? This is a prescription. Take a look at the two hadiths above.

Then you will realize that Allah and His Messenger have given us an easy solution.

Very easy to understand a calculation. Where do we go to buy the product? Where Products Are Available – Go to the store.

Now, tell, who owns happiness? If the answer is Allah (SWT). So he must come back to him for peace.

That’s the final word. Whatever paths and approaches you follow, you will be alone at the end of the day, even if you get temporarily.

Depression will catch you. Come back to God. Without Him, we have no true self.

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