Diary of man in the hands of the farmer
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January 17, 2020, 12:32 am

Father Jonab Ali died on any date but could not find out how the boy Bakir Ali. Family members did not write the day of his death. Similarly, Nazrul Islam also lost the day of his mother’s death. Many people have forgotten how the deceased Rafiuddin Ahmed was a former chairman of the Upazila Parishad.

Forgotten memories of lost days – Helal Uddin (69) is the ideal farmer to write in the diary. In 23 years, he has written short biographies of thousands of people and their birth dates in more than 50 diaries. He ran away when he heard of the death. He collects and writes short biographies, which are useful to many later. As well as the newborn, write down the date of birth.

Helal Uddin is the son of the deceased Fakir Ali Mandal of Maheshwarchanda village in Kaliganj Upazila of Jhenaidah. Run the family by farming. He is survived by wife Mahiran Nesha and four daughters, three sons. All the children are married. Helal Uddin said, ‘Baba had only 70-century land. We are three brothers and one sister. The land was not properly cultivated. Older brother Delbar Ali died of Cholera without treatment in 1971. Another brother Khilafat Ali
Died of cancer. Helal Uddin had to go to fieldwork with his father when he was a child. I have studied up to second grade. You’ve set it up.
‘Write a regular diary. Many mistakes are made, yet I am writing. ”Helal Uddin said.

Helal Uddin first started writing this diary in 1996 when he was elected a member of the Niamatpur Union Parishad. At the first meeting of the council, one got the news of his death. It is then that he thinks this person is going to leave Earth forever. After two or four years, no one will remember his words. His day of birth and death will be forgotten by all. At that time he felt that something could be written about the lost man. This is how his work began. Last December, Chittaranjan died in his village. Helal Uddin also wrote his words.

Helal Uddin’s house was found a few days ago, in a wooden cabinet with diaries. A few on the table too. Opening these, it is seen that there are numerous deaths and short biographies. Many birthdays are also written in the diary. He said he collected the diaries in various ways. Many people have also given diary gifts to see his work.

Ghulam Mostafa of Maheshwarchanda village feels that Helal Uddin is making a lot of contributions to society. He is a successful man in his area. He also received many medals by contributing to agriculture. Rani Laskar, the current chairman of the Niamatpur Union Parishad, said, “Helal Uddin is with all good work. Writing his diary is a good thing too. ‘

Helal Uddin is creating a database of people’s lives in the area, which is very useful to many in the future.

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