Brutal ni ratan women get justice? Mizan is the owner
January 14, 2020, 10:20 pm

Many magazines are to be seen in the morning. What an ordinary reader wants from a morning paper, their application, as a journalist, maybe more to me. The urge to give something better to the reader. Usually, when I take paper in my seventh grade, the boy sits next to me. I would like to read the play page. Then, if it is good, it gives eyes to another title.

All of those women ended today. Now the issue of watching the police make anyway to save the criminals. Because it is often the case that therapists try to protect the rapists by making them prostitutes. There will be a charge-sheet against them. There will be justice. Now, without asking for it, the victim or her husband has what or what they want!

In this morning’s newspaper, a report titled ‘Rape mother in Manipura, baby cry in a speedboat’, a scene of a distressing and traumatic time in the mother and child seemed to float on her mind. Looked in my face and said – Father can I read the whole report!

I do not understand what to say. Because, in this report, the mask of the battered man has come out. The cry of a mother comes out. A cry has been heard about a baby.

After launching four and a half-year-old baby in the passenger speedboat, the mother boarded the boat with a lot of confidence. The purpose – to meet the husband of the day laborer. Maybe the two were waiting for a good time. The father will see the child’s face. The emotional vision of the wife.

The 27-year-old woman, who got into a speedboat with the help of the driver, stopped the boat and forced the woman to take four passengers. At that time, the baby in her lap was screaming at her mother. The baby is relaxing for the mother. And the four passengers, who look like a man, raped and raped a woman. The cries of that cruel period did not reach anyone’s ears.

The owner of the speedboat should have heard of the danger of the four raped women, taking action against the driver of his boat. Hand over the four passengers to the law. But no What happened next is even more terrifying. Upon receiving the news, the owner of the speedboat Sakuchiya Union Chhatra League president, student leader Nazrul Islam visited the spot. He first struck and raped four rapists. He then raped the helpless rape woman in the past. Not only that, but the driver of his boat also threatened to release the rape image on mobile and release it on Facebook.

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