After three divorces, Shahbina was forced to spend the night with her mother-in-law
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January 17, 2020, 12:16 am

After the religious leaders issued a fatwa against three divorced divorces of Islam and two Muslim women of ‘Nika Halala’ or ‘Hillah’ marriage in Uttar Pradesh, they stood up and said no one had the right to expel them from Islam.

Bareilly’s housemate, Shabin, was forced to sleep with her father-in-law for one night after Hillah’s marriage, after divorcing her husband three – so he could marry her husband again.

But when the husband divorced her again, when she was told that he could marry her again only after spending the night with Devar, Shahbina burst into protest.

He was thrown out of the house for not wanting to sleep with Devar. Shahbina then contacted Nida Khan, founder of the Ala Hazrat Helping Society in Lucknow, whose life experience is almost identical.

Nida Khan was married to Usman Reza Khan, the son of an elite Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh. But in 2016 they were separated.

Nida Khan went to criminal court against the three divorces granted by her husband and won the case. She said in court that her husband suffered so much physical and mental abuse that she had an abortion.

Divorced Nida Khan, however, continues her fight. Creating his own NGO, he is standing next to three divorces and Nikka Halal’s Victims. He also went on to stand beside Shahbina of Bareilly.

But on Monday, Imam Mufti Khurshid Alam, the city of Bareilly, issued a fatwa against both Nida Khan and Shahbina. It says they are being expelled from their religion for insulting Islam.

Nida Khan could not be given any medicines if he fell ill. When he dies, no one will pray for him, no one will be able to go to his funeral – it has been said in Fatwa. He cannot even be buried in the cemetery. Those who support him or stand by him will have the same punishment.

They also alleged that they had threatened to kill Shahbina and Nida Khan since the fatwa was issued by Darul Uloom Deoband. They have filed an FIR against five persons.

Bareilly’s police chief, Congratulations Singh, said they have launched an investigation into the allegations. Nida Khan himself claimed, however, that he was not intimidated by these threats.

Those who are giving these fatwas should go to Pakistan and do them, they will not have a place in this country. No one has the right to expel us from Islam, ”he said.

A bill against three divorces is now under consideration in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian parliament. A petition against Nikah Halala or Hillah’s marriage is being heard in the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, at least 35 divorces and nikah halala allegations have been filed in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh in the last few months alone. – BBC Bangla

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